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Breast Asymmetry and Breast Implants

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Yes, breast augmentation with implants can be an option for correcting breast asymmetry. Many women have natural differences in the size, shape, or position of their breasts, and breast augmentation surgery can help address these asymmetries to create a more balanced and proportionate appearance.

During a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, they will evaluate your individual anatomy and discuss your goals for breast augmentation. If you have breast asymmetry, your surgeon will tailor the surgical plan to address your specific concerns and achieve a more symmetrical result.

Here's how breast augmentation can address breast asymmetry:

1. **Implant Selection:** Your surgeon will recommend different implant sizes for each breast to achieve symmetry. They may also suggest different implant types (saline vs. silicone) or shapes (round vs. teardrop) to accommodate your unique anatomy and desired outcome.

2. **Customized Surgical Approach:** The surgical technique used for breast augmentation will be tailored to your individual needs. This may involve adjusting the position of the implant pocket or using different incision locations to optimize symmetry and achieve the desired breast shape and size.

3. **Additional Procedures:** In some cases, additional procedures may be recommended to achieve optimal symmetry. This could include a breast lift (mastopexy) to address sagging or asymmetry in nipple position, or fat grafting to add volume and contour to areas of the breast where implants alone may not be sufficient.

It's essential to have a thorough discussion with your surgeon about your expectations, concerns, and any asymmetries you would like to address. They will provide personalized recommendations and guide you through the decision-making process to ensure you achieve natural-looking and satisfying results from breast augmentation surgery.

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