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How Do You Know If Your Breast Implant Has Ruptured?

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Breast implants are medical-grade devices that can potentially last for years. However, they are not supposed to last forever. Implant rupture occurs when the shell begins to lose its integrity due to natural aging or physical trauma. The team at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery is experienced in helping patients deal with issues related to breast implants, including rupture.

Even though breast implants are considered safe, people need to be aware of any potential complications of surgery. When meeting with patients about breast augmentation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe does his best to discuss the risks and benefits. Learn what to do if a breast implant ruptures by reaching out to our Dallas, TX, professionals for a consultation today.

Are breast implants safe?

When you first meet with Dr. Dauwe for breast augmentation, we will choose the right implant based on your body shape and cosmetic goals. Breast implants come in a range of shapes, sizes, and textures, all of which are considered during the process. Silicone and saline implants are both widely popular and approved by the FDA for use in breast augmentation.

Patients who are concerned about these devices should know that there is little risk involved with breast implant rupture. Since saline is made of sterile saltwater, it is safely absorbed by the body and does not present a danger to your health. The silicone material also, generally, stays in shape when ruptured, so it does not travel to other parts of the body.

Signs of breast implant rupture

Patients can learn the signs of breast implant rupture at the office of Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery. An implant rupture can be caused by many factors, such as trauma to the breast tissue or cracks in the material that develop over time. Sometimes, a rupture is caused by an error from an inexperienced or untrained plastic surgeon. No matter how the rupture was caused, Dr. Dauwe can review the different breast implant rupture side effects at our clinic in Dallas, TX.

A saline implant rupture is easy to detect because the fluid leaks out, causing the breast to change quickly and noticeably. One breast may seem healthy and round, while the other is flat or misshapen due to loss of volume. Some patients experience pain or changes in nipple sensation as a result. Even if there is a slight change in the asymmetry in the breasts, patients should take steps to get an examination to determine if there is a saline implant rupture.

A silicone implant rupture may be more difficult to detect since the silicone gel does not leak from the implant. There may be some pain or tenderness in the breast or changes in the breast contour when this occurs. The only way to determine a silicone implant rupture is through an evaluation with an MRI. This is why we suggest that patients get an MRI every few years to make sure the implant is still functioning as it should.

What to do if a breast implant ruptures

If you notice any signs of breast implant rupture, make sure to call Dr. Dauwe as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Generally, the treatment involves removing the ruptured implants through revision surgery and replacing them with new ones. Although the idea of an additional surgery may seem intimidating, the procedure is simple and safe. Patients are welcome to visit our clinic for revision procedures, even if Dr. Dauwe was not their original breast augmentation surgeon.

Revision surgery is similar to breast implant surgery and is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. Patients may have an easier recovery period than the original operation, usually lasting between 2 – 3 weeks. If you experience breast implant rupture side effects, the staff at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery can help you achieve natural and beautiful results. Simply call us to plan a revision surgery.

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Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery is proud to specialize in all aspects of breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Phillip Dauwe is a board-certified plastic surgeon who cares about each patient and their outcomes. We know the importance of early detection when it comes to breast implant rupture, which is why we provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to understand it as well. When you come to our clinic in Dallas, TX, your personal safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Learn more about breast implant rupture side effects and what to do if you experience breast implant ruptures by scheduling your first appointment at our facility.

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