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How Long is Recovery After Facelift Surgery?

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Modern facelift techniques allow patients to get back to their normal daily routines — and enjoy their improved new look — sooner than ever. However, it is important for men and women considering facelift surgery to understand that there is still some recovery time involved and to plan for their postoperative period accordingly. At Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery, Dallas, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe performs a full range of advanced facial rejuvenation surgeries, including the full facelift and other types of facelifts, to help patients look up to ten years younger and feel more confident about their appearance once again. Read on for a closer look at what to expect after a facelift, including how long a full recovery after facelift may take and what factors can influence the length of your facelift recovery.

What should I know before scheduling a facelift?

If you’re considering facelift surgery, there are several important things you’ll need to keep in mind prior to scheduling your procedure — including how long you may have to be off work, whether you have any special occasions or events you’re hoping to prepare for, and what help you may need around the house or with your family. During your initial consultation for Dallas, TX facelift surgery, Dr. Dauwe will discuss all of these facelift recovery details and more to ensure you are comfortable and confident going into your procedure and can plan ahead for your recovery period.

How long does full recovery take after facelift surgery?

For the first few days after facelift surgery, patients should focus primarily on resting. During this time, patients can expect some amount of discomfort, bruising, swelling, and a feeling of tightness. These normal facelift side effects should begin to subside after a few weeks, with most men and women feeling more like themselves again — and enjoying their new look — after about 6 – 8 weeks. However, facelift recovery times can vary fairly significantly based on which of the following types of facelifts or facial rejuvenation procedures are performed:

  • Full (traditional) facelift
  • Mid-facelift
  • Lower facelift
  • Mini facelift
  • Brow lift
  • Neck lift
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

For example, patients who undergo the less invasive mini facelift generally have a shorter and less involved healing process than those men and women who undergo the more extensive full facelift.

When will I look good enough to go back to work after a facelift?

Again, the details of facelift recovery will vary from person to person based on the type of facelift performed, whether any additional procedures were performed simultaneously, the patient’s overall health, how closely they adhere to their facelift recovery instructions, and other factors. Generally speaking, many patients feel comfortable enough to go back to work and other activities about 2 – 3 weeks after facial rejuvenation surgery. To set yourself up for the speediest and most efficient facelift recovery possible, be sure to:

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to rest and recover
  • Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Avoid excessive sodium intake
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do not exercise or engage in heavy lifting/strenuous physical activity until cleared by your surgeon
  • Follow your facelift incision and scar care guidelines closely
  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol

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