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When do implants drop into place?

When do implants drop into place after breast augmentation surgery?
A very common question following breast augmentation surgery is when do the implants drop into place? Breast augmentation is a very popular surgery both in my practice and across the United States. Therefore Dr. Dauwe feels it is very important to educate my patients and prospective patients of my practice about the natural changes that occur with the implant after breast augmentation surgery.

Why do implants “ride high” after breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation surgery is performed through an incision in the crease below the breast. The implant is placed under the muscle through this incision, and the tissues are sutured together over the implant in multiple layers. After surgery the tissues in the lower pole of the breast begin to swell. When the tissue begins to swell and the stitches prevent the implant from moving down towards the healing incision, the implant is pushed upwards.

How long does it take for breast implants to “drop”?
As the swelling subsides and the implant puts pressure on the lower pole of the breast, the implant begins to “drop” into place. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Every patients’ tissues react differently to surgery, so every patient can expect a different timeline in terms of final implant position following surgery.

The patient shown in the photos is 3 weeks postop, and her implants have not fully “dropped” yet. She still has swelling in the lower pole and her lower pole tissues have not fully expanded. This implant position is very typical for 3 weeks postoperatively.

Dr. Dauwe’s Protocol
Dr. Dauwe uses gummy bear silicone gel cohesive breast implants that have a smooth surface. This allows the implant to slide along the inner surface of your tissues and expand the lower pole of your breast with time. This effect is true for the lifetime of your implant, so it is important to support your implants to prevent implant malposition overtime.

A lot of surgeons will encourage implant massage immediately following breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Dauwe has found this to be unnecessary unless there is a delay or discrepancy in the rate at which the implants are “dropping” into place. As the swelling subsides, the implant will settle into place without the massage.

Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure performed in Dallas, TX. Dr. Dauwe performs both primary breast augmentation and secondary breast implant revision surgery. There are multiple variables to consider when choosing your surgeon and choosing your implant properly. Dr. Dauwe is board certified in plastic surgery and has fellowship training in cosmetic breast augmentation and revision surgery.

At Dauwe Plastic Surgery we aim to strengthen the standard of care in aesthetic plastic surgery and above all else take excellent care of our patients. If you have any interest in breast implant surgery please contact our office by calling 214-821-6580. We serve patients in Dallas Fort Worth and commonly see patients from Arlington, Frisco, Waco, Southlake, Carrollton, McKinney, Rockwall, Ennis, Amarillo, Abilene, and Forney.

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