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In What Ways Can Breast Implants Address Asymmetry Concerns?

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While perfect symmetry is not typically found in the human body, there are some cases when visibly asymmetric features can be particularly pronounced. This is often true in the breasts, with many women having distinctly different breasts in terms of their size, shape, and other characteristics. Not only can this make a woman feel self-conscious about her appearance, but it can also make it difficult to find clothing and undergarments that fit properly, and even be a functional nuisance when exercising or engaging in certain physical activities. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery offers the opportunity to dramatically improve many cases of breast asymmetry to give women the more desirable figure and the boosted self-esteem they deserve. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe and the team at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX outline the many ways that breast augmentation surgery can improve breast symmetry and more.

Will breast implants make my breasts perfectly symmetric?

It is important for women considering breast implants for asymmetry to keep in mind that perfect symmetry may not be possible. Still, breast augmentation performed by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can result in a dramatic improvement in breast symmetry, and subtle asymmetries that remain are often imperceptible to others. During your initial consultation for breast augmentation in Dallas, TX, Dr. Dauwe will carefully assess the size, shape, position, and other attributes of your breasts and determine the most appropriate surgical plan to help improve breast symmetry. For many women, breast augmentation with implants offers an exciting and effective solution for asymmetric breasts.

How do breast implants fix asymmetry?

For women whose breast asymmetry is primarily associated with having two different-sized breasts, breast implants can help to even out breast size by placing an appropriately smaller and larger size of the implant in each breast, respectively. During the procedure itself, Dr. Dauwe can "try out" multiple breast implant sizes to ensure the closest symmetry possible.

While the placement of breast implants is certainly an effective way to improve breast asymmetry, Dr. Dauwe may also recommend one or more of the following in addition to (or instead of) breast implants to address the patient's specific anatomical abnormalities and achieve the most even and desirable results possible:

What can I do if my breast implants are asymmetric?

While breast implants are often used to improve naturally asymmetric breasts, some women struggle with breast asymmetry associated with prior breast surgery. If your original breast augmentation with implants or breast lift surgery resulted in asymmetric breasts, or if you have experienced changes in your breast surgery results over time, a breast revision may be a suitable option for correcting your concerns and restoring breast symmetry once again.

Don't let asymmetric breasts leave you feeling off balance. Consider breast augmentation in Dallas, TX for a more feminine and natural new look

If you are self-conscious about breast asymmetry — whether mild or pronounced — our caring team is here to help you understand your options for cosmetic surgery to improve breast symmetry and help restore your self-confidence. To learn more about correcting asymmetric breasts with cosmetic surgery, call Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery to schedule your private consultation with Dallas, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe today.

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