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Revision Breast Surgery - Dallas Dr. Phillip Dauwe

You may be unhappy with the appearance of your breasts for a myriad of reasons. Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe frequently takes care of women who are considering a second, third, or even fourth surgery to address issues with their breasts. Dr. Dauwe will speak with you about your previous procedures and identify what is causing the issue with your breasts.

You may be considering revision breast surgery for several different reasons.
1. Your breast surgery may have been performed years in the past, and your tissues have changed resulting in a poor aesthetic appearance.
2. Your breast implants may have ruptured, migrated downward, or developed a layer of thick hard scar tissue around them called “capsular contracture”.
3. Your goals may not have been met by another surgeon.

Techniques and technology in breast surgery have advanced tremendously in the last 10 years and continue to improve. Breast implants especially, have seen an enormous improvement in quality. Additionally, cosmetic surgery has become a widely practiced specialty by surgeons with varying levels of expertise and background. For all of these reasons, revision breast surgery has become a large part of Dr. Dauwe’s practice. Dr. Dauwe is fellowship trained in aesthetic breast surgery and has focused experience in revision breast surgery techniques that enables him to help women from Dallas and throughout Texas regain their self-image and confidence.*

To take the first step in addressing your concerns, please contact us online or call 214-821-6580 to schedule your revision breast surgery consultation at our Dallas plastic surgery practice. We have patients travel to us from all over Texas, including Abilene, Waco, Irving, Frisco, Arlington and Fort Worth.

About Revision Breast Surgery
Dr. Dauwe works closely with each woman to achieve the original goals that she had when considering breast surgery. The multitude of variables that can contribute to a poor aesthetic appearance makes careful planning of utmost importance. If you have access to previous records such and implant information and surgery notes, it is helpful to bring that information with you.

Common reasons for considering revision breast surgery:
1. A problem with your breast implants, such as thick hard scar tissue (capsular contracture), malposition, asymmetry, implant size change, implant type change (saline to silicone), symmastia (“uni-boob”), visibility of the implant edge, rippling, or implant rupture.
2. A problem with your soft tissue, such as droopiness, areolar asymmetry, uneven nipples, nipple malposition, thinning soft tissue, stretch marks, or “double-bubble” (two folds below your breast).
3. A problem with scarring, which can occur on your skin or around your implant. Techniques used in the past had a higher chance of capsular contracture, which is internal scar tissue that constricts and sometimes deforms the breast implant. In these cases, the scar tissue must be removed and the implants must be exchanged to re-establish a natural shape and feel.

Implant removal and fat grafting
On occasion, Dr. Dauwe’s patients will request that their breast implants be removed altogether. The common perception is that after the breast implants are removed, there are no alternatives to correct the deflated appearance of the breast that may result from implant removal. However, fat grafting can be performed at the time of implant removal to maintain breast volume and shape.

After your implants are removed, liposuction is performed on your trunk or thighs, and this fat is transferred to your breasts. While this technique provides natural results, it is limited in the size of breast that can be achieved and multiple sessions of fat grafting may be necessary to achieve a larger volume. An added benefit of this technique is enhancement of body shape from the liposuction.*

Revision Breast Surgery Recovery & Results
Our practice performs rapid-recovery breast surgery, with a total recovery time of 24 hours. You can go home the same day as surgery, take a nap to recover from anesthesia, and are then encouraged to stay mobile after surgery. You may shower after 24 hours, and if you are feeling up to it, you may go out to dinner the night of the surgery. You can plan on returning to work by approximately 3 to 4 days after your revision breast surgery.*

Results after breast surgery should be assessed after the swelling has resolved and the implants have 'settled' into position. You can expect an enhanced size, shape, and proportionality of your breasts to your body.*

Revision Breast Surgery at a Glance
Procedure Length*
• Revision breast surgery takes 1-3 hours depending on what is performed.

• General anesthesia

Side Effects
• Discomfort for 2 to 3 days
• Swelling and bruising
• Temporary changes in sensation of your breast skin or nipple

Exercise and Activity
• Exercises will begin immediately after surgery to enhance recovery. Return to mild exercise is encouraged at 3 weeks, and more vigorous upper body exercise is encouraged at 6 weeks.

*This information is for education only and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.