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What is Neck Lift Surgery?

Loose neck skin and banding are often the earliest and most noticeable signs of aging. Qualities of a youthful neck are tight skin, defined jaw line, minimal fat tissue, and a sharp angle between your neck and chin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe uses a combination of treatments in Dallas, TX to address the signs of aging in the neck, including a surgical neck lift. This facial surgery removes fat, tightens muscle, and removes excess skin under your chin to address the "turkey neck" or "double chin." Dr. Dauwe has made many clients happy with his neck lift surgery technique at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery and can provide dramatic improvements to your profile as well. Before you contact us to schedule your initial consultation, read more about surgical neck lifts and the life-changing results it can give you.

What Are the Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery?

If you're contemplating a neck lift in Dallas, TX, here are some compelling reasons to consider:

  • Enjoy the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure with discreet scarring
  • Experience a rapid recovery period, enabling you to return to your normal routine quickly
  • Enhance your self-esteem and confidence by improving your profile and overall appearance
  • Achieve smoother skin and reduce creases and wrinkles along the jawline

Is a Neck Lift Right For Me?

Neck lift surgery is ideal for people with concern for excess skin, banding, or fat in their neck. Hanging neck skin is caused by the normal aging process and significant weight loss. Whatever the reason may be, loose neck skin produces an aged appearance, which in many cases can only be addressed with skin excision and tightening of the underlying muscles. If you are physically healthy and at a good weight, but you feel embarrassed by loose skin, wrinkles, and lack of jawline definition, a neck lift may be ideal for you. 

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

For neck lift surgery, general anesthesia is necessary. The incisions are camouflaged in the contour around your ears and under your chin. If you have a layer of fat tissue, Dr. Dauwe will begin the operation with liposuction followed by tightening of the muscle in the middle of your neck. Next, any loose skin will be suspended, carefully excised, and stitched back in place around your ear.  Even though sutures are placed at the incision area, scars should not be noticeable since they were placed beneath your chin. 

Procedure Add-Ons

Neck lift surgery is often combined with facelift, eyelid lift, or chin implant surgery to enhance the results. In addition, other nonsurgical options can help the skin's texture and surface such as laser skin resurfacing or IPL treatment to correct skin texture or pigment variations.

What to Expect with a Neck Lift Procedure

Dr. Dauwe requires that his neck lift patients stay one night in the after-care hotel. Dr. Dauwe will see you the next day and send you home with post-op instructions. After a neck lift, the swelling and bruising will last for 1-2 weeks. You should rest and try to avoid all exercise for at least 3 weeks and you may return to strenuous exercise at 6 weeks. While recovering, a scarf or high-neck shirt will generally cover the swollen areas. You will notice visible aesthetic differences immediately, and your long-term results will be evident over the next few months as the swelling completely subsides. 

Neck Lift FAQs

How much does a neck lift cost?
Costs for your neck surgery will be reviewed in your consultation with Dr. Dauwe. As soon as he has developed your unique surgical plan, he will be able to estimate prices for the anesthesia and facility fees. To make your neck surgery easy to afford, Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery takes several payment methods, plus we can tell you more about how to get no-interest financing.

What about nonsurgical options?
Neck lift surgery is the best option to eliminate excess skin, fat, or muscle banding, however, some nonsurgical options can provide good results. Dr. Dauwe recommends that patients not wanting surgery consider CoolSculpting or Kybella to reduce neck fat, however he stresses that these techniques do not provide significant skin tightening. Although there are several nonsurgical skin tightening procedures that may give you mild improvements, neck lift surgery offers the most significant and long lasting improvements.

Will I have visible scars?
Your neck lift will start with one incision beneath the chin, as well as incisions hidden around the ears. The incisions  are hidden in the contour around your ears, so they are difficult for others to see. You will also be given the opportunity to undergo a post-op laser scar management protocol to reduce the scar visibility. 

Can I combine a neck lift with other facial surgeries?
It is common to combine a neck lift with other facial cosmetic procedures like a facelift or chin augmentation, and this will be covered in detail during your consultation. If you have other concerns in addition to an undefined neck line, Dr. Dauwe can develop a plan that meets all your goals.

Should I get a neck lift or liposuction?
Neck liposuction is a fantastic treatment for isolated neck fat, but this procedure does not provide significant skin tightening. If you have concerns with both neck fat and loose skin, Dr. Dauwe will perform liposuction with your neck lift. During the consultation, Dr. Dauwe will examine you and develop a customized surgical plan. 

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Reduce Loose Skin on the Neck

If you are tired of feeling embarrassed about loose skin and wrinkles on your neck, please contact Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX to learn more. Cosmetic neck lift surgery by Dr. Dauwe has changed the physical appearance of countless individuals. We are excited to share this outstanding cosmetic procedure with you.

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